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Eeeek – Watch out for pesky pooches


Each year there are about 5 million victims of dog bites in Canada and the United States. According to the Canadian Safety Council, 460,000 of those incidents involve children under the age of 10. And even more revealing, [...]

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Protecting your skin this summer


Ya, ya, we’ve all heard the best way to prevent a sunburn is to avoid sun exposure but, COME ON, how realistic is this advice? Like a siren call, that magical ball in the sky screams for us to [...]

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Do we really need another reason to complain about the rain?


We are all guilty of it… at one point or another, we’ve complained about the rain. But hey, isn’t that one of our given rights as a BCer. That being said, do we really need to add water [...]

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Simple Steps to Keep Summer Burglaries at Bay


June is finally here and we know what that means, time to plan those summer holidays. Yay! Whether you plan on staying close to home or traveling abroad, we have  some excellent no-fail tips to keep burglaries at [...]

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What Netflix Can Teach You About Emergency Preparation


I admit, I may have hijacked this article to relay my love of Netflix (just a little – I mean, there is something to be said for the ability to watch commercial-free back-to-back episodes of so many series). Yet, aside from being [...]

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Top 10 things you need to know about home insurance


1.   Renovations may not be covered by your current policy If your insurance company doesn’t know about the renovation, you may not have enough coverage. If you’re doing fairly major renovations, with contractors coming in and out of [...]

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Get ready… pool time is on the way


All it takes is a few beautiful days of sunshine for dreams of summer fun to start creeping into our everyday thoughts.  It may be a little too soon for backyard parties and heating your pool, but it’s [...]

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Boating Season is here! Stay safe with these tips


Boating season is quickly approaching! Here are a few safety tips for you, from our trusty Boat Smart Manual. It’s all good. Boating Tips: The captain should go over where the life jackets are located so that if the [...]

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Top 10 Highway Driving Tips


We are all guilty of speeding now and then, but a high percentage of automobile accidents occur on our freeways and high-ways due to the high rates of speed encountered. There are steps you should consider to reduce [...]

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Things to consider when purchasing a home


Buying a home is an exciting time, but can also be stressful and hectic. With all the craziness that is happening around you, it is really easy to overlook things like insurance. Make sure when writing an offer [...]

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