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Possible ICBC rate reduction in November


ICBC has submitted an application with the BC Utilities Commission which is responsible for regulating basic insurance rates in British Columbia.  With the basic rates being unchanged in three of the last five years, ICBC is seeking to [...]

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Insurance advice for Landlords


Today I have a great tip for landlords of all sizes.  Whether you rent out your basement or a 3 level apartment with 50 suites – this is for you. Are you ready? MAKE SURE YOUR TENANTS CARRY INSURANCE! Here [...]

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Insurance tips when buying a new home


We all know buying a home is an exciting time, but it’s also stressful and hectic which can mean overlooking things like insurance. Make sure when writing an offer to include insurance as one of your subjects. Overlooking this [...]

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Schill Insurance a proud sponsor of Nite of Hope 2010


Once again, Schill Insurance is a proud silver sponsor of the White Rock / South Surrey Nite of Hope!  On Thursday April 5, 2010, Nite of Hope will host their 5th annual gala at Centennial Arena in White Rock. “Since [...]

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Beginning July 1st, all vehicles whether bought from an individual or a dealership will be subject to the same harmonized tax of 12 percent.


You had to know this was coming!  Since the inception of the GST, vehicles sold privately have been exempt from GST. This has been a contentious issue with dealerships as many argued it encouraged buyers to look to [...]

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Against The Law to Use Hand-Held Devices While Driving in B.C.


It’s now against the law to use hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communication and entertainment devices while driving on B.C. roads. Any violation will net drivers a $167 fine, ouch. If you’re caught dialing, texting or emailing, three [...]

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