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Snowy Conditions make for potentially unsafe driving conditions


We have had quite a few inquiries and seen a few tweets on the topic of ICBC coverage since the Province newspaper reported this news article last week. We would like to reiterate that your coverage is not void by driving [...]

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Data Backup and Recovery


We see it all the time where a client has a fire, water damage, theft or any other conceivable loss that might occur.  The initial thought process of making the claim starts with comfort because the equipment is covered and [...]

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Boat Theft Prevention Tips


Summer is always the time when we see a rise in boat thefts.  Boats can be easy targets for thieves as they are easily portable and most often the security measures we take aren’t good enough.  Maybe you [...]

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Pool Safety


What a great week of weather we’ve had and I know we’ve all gotten a good start to another great summer.  Summer for many means backyards, bbq’s and of course swimming pools.  Way too many people are injured [...]

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Save Money on your insurance – Increase your deductible!


Let’s talk a little bit about saving money.  We know nobody enjoys buying insurance and a hot tip on how to save is always welcomed by our clients.  The tip I’m talking about is in choosing a higher [...]

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Dealing with one broker


Today I want to stress the importance of having all your insurance in one place, with one broker.  It’s not just because we want you to do all your business with us – we do!  But giving your [...]

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Possible ICBC rate reduction in November


ICBC has submitted an application with the BC Utilities Commission which is responsible for regulating basic insurance rates in British Columbia.  With the basic rates being unchanged in three of the last five years, ICBC is seeking to [...]

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Insurance advice for Landlords


Today I have a great tip for landlords of all sizes.  Whether you rent out your basement or a 3 level apartment with 50 suites – this is for you. Are you ready? MAKE SURE YOUR TENANTS CARRY INSURANCE! Here [...]

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