February Free

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Think you could manage a month without any alcohol? Oh, I bet you’re all thinking “of course!” Not to sound harsh but I say, “LIES”. You see, my fellow Canadians, it turns out, alcohol is getting the best of us… In 2013 we spent $21.4 billion on booze and that number is rising.  By the beard of zeus!

Now I know there are many that don’t drink and good for you – seriously, you’re a better person than I but for the rest of you, consider this a challenge.

I’m what you’d call a weekend warrior. Not one much for drinking in the week but I am ashamed to admit the words sobriety and Saturday do not exist harmoniously chez moi. For the most part I’m okay with this.

But after what seemed like a lot of holiday festivities and in honour of heart month, I’m thinking my body could use a break. I’ve decided to keep February Free of Firewater (how’s that for alliteration!). I challenge you to do the same… we’re already a week in and it’s a short month! What do you have to lose?

Tips to Cut the Booze

Good luck and may the force be with you.