Veggin’ out is awesome.

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I was recently chatting with a newbie to the beautiful province of BC and, like most out-of-towners, the cost of living came up. No argument from this chick… it is insanely expensive to live in the Greater Vancouver area.

Being the frugal gal that I am (I’m not sure why I just said that – as I’m not at all frugal) I do however like a good deal… which brought me to the topic of food. One great way you can save a few bucks AND at the same time support the local economy is visiting your local Farmer’s Market.

Groceries can be expensive, and recommendations for saving money when grocery shopping are often time-consuming, such as cutting coupons and making multiple trips to the store each week to avoid waste. One easy way to save on your grocery bill, while also eating healthy food, is to shop for fruits and veggies that are in season.

In-season fruits and vegetables are easy on your wallet because when there is an abundance of these crops, it brings the overall price down. Also, when the produce is local, it costs less to package and deliver it to the store. It’s even good for the environment, since less gas is used to transport the local, in-season produce.

So grab your saving-the-world-cape and head over to your local Farmers Market and help the economy, the environment and your health one vegetable at a time. Here is a helpful link to point you to a Farmer’s Market near you.

Veggin’ out is awesome.