What you need to know about ICBC Changes for September 1, 2019

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Changes are coming to ICBC’s current insurance model and there are a few things you should know.

Driving experience and crash history will have a bigger impact on your premiums than they do today. But the biggest change is that we will ask you to list who drives your car.

You’ll be asked to list anyone who drives your car such as household members, employees, learners and others who use your car. If one of the listed drivers causes a crash in your car, the at-fault driver will be held accountable for the crash.

You can add or remove drivers any time and it doesn’t cost anything. Adding drivers won’t necessarily change your premium – it will depend on many factors including the driving experience and crash history of all the listed drivers.

Watch this video to find out more.

When you come in to renew, you’ll need:

A new discount is available for vehicles that are driven less than 5,000 km in a year.

If you think you may qualify for this discount, your broker can record your odometer reading. At your next policy renewal, if the mileage is less than 5,000 km, a 10% discount will apply to your insurance.

Vehicles equipped with factory-installed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) will be eligible for a 10% discount as AEB has been statistically shown to help prevent crashes. 

Get an estimate

To receive an estimate, you’ll need an existing policy that’s within 44 days of renewal. Click here to get an estimate from ICBC’s website.

If you’re outside this window and want to learn more about the changes visit the ICBC insurance interactive tool.

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