Boat Theft Prevention Tips

Written by: Categories: Marine Insurance

Summer is always the time when we see a rise in boat thefts.  Boats can be easy targets for thieves as they are easily portable and most often the security measures we take aren’t good enough.  Maybe you arrive home late after spending a long day in the car on your way back from the lake and your only able to unhitch the boat from the truck in order to drive to work on Monday.  Or maybe you get the boat locked up but decide to leave all your belongings inside the boat to clean up later.  Whatever the case, think of these tips and it will help prevent your boat from being stolen and your insurance rates from going up.

LOCK YOUR BOAT –  With a case hardened chain preferably, which cannot be easily cut and padlock to an immovable object at your marina.  It might help to make the lock and chain visible to dissuade potential thieves.

TRAILERED BOATS ARE THE MOST COMMON TARGETS – Often stolen in broad daylight from residential driveways and marinas.  The best ways to prevent your trailered boat from being stolen is to use a removable tongue hitch, chain the wheels of the trailer or use a wheel lock, chain the trailer to another immovable object and install an alarm.  Always a good way to help keep an eye on things if your away is to let your neighbors know you’re not going to be home.  Also, let them know that you have not given anyone permission to “borrow” the boat.

REMOVE PORTABLE EQUIPMENT FROM YOUR BOAT – During winter storage and whenever possible if your boat is left unattended including electronics, fishing and water sports equipment, outboard motors and dinghies.

In any case, good insurance is essential for protecting your financial interests and boat insurance is no different.  Be aware, boat insurance policies are not all the same and may contain security conditions that must be met in order to pay for claims of theft and disappearance.  Give us a call if you have any questions about your boat insurance.