Fighting Fatigue. No Yawning!

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I had a professor in university that took offence if a student yawned in his class and would call him or her out with an, “AM I BORING YOU?” yell. I always thought him a bit much – school is stressful and exhausting buddy! Fatigue. The word alone…fatigue… just sounds ugly.

Fast forward many years and I still catch myself yawning a fair deal – not sure what my excuse is now. I’ve never been a great sleeper. My newest habit involves waking up between 1 & 4am for a few hours.  It really does wonders for my work day 😉 So as of late, I’ve decided to beat myself into submission with early morning visits to the gym and an early bedtime. It seems to be working.

Hectic schedules, stress and lack of sleep can all contribute to fatigue, which is a common and dangerous workplace hazard. Symptoms of fatigue include moodiness, drowsiness, loss of energy, and lack of motivation and concentration. The topper… I just read that sleep deprivation is as bad as alcohol and can lead to seizures – well that’s just great.

These are not ideal qualities to display at your job. Not only does fatigue make you less productive and personable, it can also cause a serious safety risk if you work with hazardous equipment or materials.

To help manage workplace fatigue, consider doing the following:

Fatigue can also be linked to an underlying medical problem, psychological condition or sleep disorder. Talk to your doctor if you experience chronic or debilitating fatigue.

Most full-time employees eat at least one meal at work. Not only are a significant number of meals eaten in the workplace, but work is also where employees are most susceptible to distracted or stress-related eating.

Good nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthier can increase your productivity, lower the number of sick days you take and reduce your risk of being in an on-the-job accident.

To start eating healthier at work today, consider doing the following:

While eating home-cooked meals is one of the easiest ways to eat healthier, certain jobs require employees to be on the road often. This, unfortunately, can lead to eating out more.

In this case, being careful about the kinds of food you order and the portion sizes can make all the difference in managing weight gain. Many restaurants have nutritional information on their websites, so making the right healthy decisions has never been easier.


Sweet dreams my friends 🙂

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