How Prepared Are You for the Big One?

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I’m not sure what brought on the sudden onslaught of Seismic activity in BC, but holy moly – three in a week! If you’re anything like me, you’re suddenly a little more concerned about how prepared you are if the big one hits. Odd how reality tends to have that sort of effect on me.

Did you know: There is a 30% chance of an earthquake large enough to cause significant damage to buildings will happen in BC in next 50 years? How prepared are you for this event? It’s tempting to think “There’s not much I can do to protect myself or my property from an Earthquake” but there’s actually a lot you can do to prepare.

I happen to have come across this wee quiz to see how prepared I actually am. Turns out I have some work to do to be up to speed on the latest earthquake safety measures. How about you?

Give yourself 1 point for every YES

1. If shaking starts everyone in my house knows the proper place to seek refuge and or/ evacuate.

2. I have a designated contact outside the province who I can reach if the local phone lines are down.

3. My home and work environment are stocked with enough food and water to last for 3 days.

4. I’ve added any personal items I might need in an emergency to my kit such as: medication, eyeglasses or special supplies for infants.

5. I have at least 4 liters of water available per person, per day.

6. I’ve taken steps to make my home earthquake safe by securing tall heavy furniture with bolts and removing heavy object, such as mirrors and shelves, from above beds.

7. I know how to shut off gas, water and electricity in my home.

8. I know that the correct response to shaking is to “Drop Cover and Hold On” and I’ve practiced this drill many times.

9. I know if the area I live in is a Tsunami hazard area and I know the appropriate evacuation site and how to get there.

10. I have additional coverage added to my home or tenant insurance to cover damage cause by shaking.

If you scored UNDER 5

Please review the Downloadable Toolkit, especially the tips about preparing your home, building a 72-hour emergency kit and practicing the “Drop Cover and Hold On” drill.

If you scored BETWEEN 5-7

You’re nearly there! You’ve taken steps towards preparing yourself for an earthquake. Review the guide booklet (below) and see what gaps need filling in.

If you scored OVER 8+

Congratulations on being nearly 100% prepared for an earthquake! Aim to check off every item on this list!

Downloadable Toolkit

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your home insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Quiz Source: IBABC