Insuring Wine: Is it Necessary?

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When it comes to insuring wine, policies often include unique features that set them apart from traditional plans. These features are specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of high-value homeowners and serious collectors.

Real Claims Story

During a power outage, a client’s wine cellar risked ruining an exclusive collection of aged wine bottles. Recognizing each bottle’s sentimental and monetary value, we provided personalized assistance. Our first step was connecting the client with a knowledgeable wine advisor who exceeded expectations, offering invaluable advice to restore the collection.

Following the incident, the client found comfort in the extensive coverage provided by their wine insurance. The support from our team, who valued the client’s collection, eased their worries and provided confidence. Our tailored coverage offered comprehensive protection and reliable support during the crisis, ensuring assurance and practical help when it was needed most.

Key Benefits of Insuring Wine Collections

Loss or Damage: Your wine collection is protected against a broad range of losses, including fire, theft, and breakage.

Wine Security: Our insurers can provide a risk assessment of your cellar or off-site storage facilities to ensure adequate security and fire detection systems are in place.

Appraisal Requirements: A current appraisal isn’t always necessary. Some insurance companies only require an appraisal if the individual wine or spirits purchase exceeds $50,000. A good description of the wine or spirit, including its provenance, condition, date, and estimated value, is often sufficient. Additionally, automatic coverage for newly acquired spirits ensures you don’t need to worry about updating your policy immediately after every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insuring Wine

Does my home insurance cover my wine collection? Standard homeowner’s insurance typically covers your home, general contents, and personal liability. A premium valuable articles policy is more suitable as it has no deductible, offers worldwide coverage, and protects your bottles from breaking or spoiling due to temperature changes caused by mechanical issues.

When should you purchase wine insurance? Consider purchasing wine insurance if you believe your collection would be costly to fix or replace. Contact us for a personalized quote or with any specific questions.

How do I file a claim for wine insurance? Our claims process is straightforward: CONTACT US. Email us at or call us at 1.844.585.4445, available 24/7.

Are there any exclusions or limitations? Yes, there are some exclusions and limitations, including:

Signature Private Client Services for Insuring Wine

At Schill Insurance, our Signature Private Client Services extend beyond typical home insurance to provide complete protection for your prized possessions, including your treasured wine collection. Our coverage is tailored to the unique needs of discerning collectors, offering peace of mind and unparalleled support. With Signature Private Client Services, you gain a trusted partner who provides a personalized and customized experience to ensure your coverage meets your unique needs.

Contact us today at to learn more about our Signature Private Client Services and how we can assist you in insuring your wine collection effectively.