Keeping Idle Facilities Safe

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During the current COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses and organizations that provide non-essential services have been required to close across Canada. As a result, many buildings and structures will be sitting idle for an unknown period of time.

Organizations are implementing contingency plans such as: home-working, skeleton staffing, social distancing and cleansing regimes to maintain operations. However, for some organizations, this is not possible. Following the latest government instructions, these workplaces will now be temporarily shut down. Idle properties are at a greater risk of arson, vandalism and theft. Property damage can also occur from more common perils such as burst pipes and leaking roofs. This means that a higher level of attention to the condition and security of your property is needed to manage these situations and reduce the risk of loss. The following measures and steps have been provided to assist you in mitigating potential losses for idle buildings. Download your COVID-19 Idle Facilities Checklist here.

Measures to protect your property

Maintenance / Inspections


Personal Safety


Record Keeping

Having employees and volunteers work from home and observe appropriate social distancing protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic keeps everyone safe and aligns with recommended best practices during this difficult time. Taking just a few simple additional precautions can also ensure that your temporarily idle and empty premises are safe, secure and ready for the post-pandemic world.