Renewing Your ICBC Insurance

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Life Insurance

Tailor a life insurance policy to protect
the financial security of those you love.

Life & Health Insurance options:

Life Insurance

Life insurance can protect the financial security of the people you love by giving them a tax-free payment after you die.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance offers the financial help to pay the costs associated with life-altering illnesses.

Mortgage Insurance

An effective way to cover your mortgage commitments, is to take out term life insurance for the length of your mortgage instead of the add-on product offered by the bank

Individual Health & Dental Benefits

Our supplemental health and dental plans can fill the gaps Provincial government plans lack and provide you with the protection you need.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance coverage ensures you continue to receive an income when you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

Corporate Coverages


We also offer a variety of corporate coverages including:

  • Group Benefits
  • Key Person
  • Shareholder – Buy/Sell Funding
  • Group RRSP
  • Employee Assistant Programs


To learn more about life insurance or to find out what coverage options are best for you, contact our Life Insurance Specialist Michael Tomlinson:








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