Save Money on your insurance – Increase your deductible!

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Let’s talk a little bit about saving money.  We know nobody enjoys buying insurance and a hot tip on how to save is always welcomed by our clients.  The tip I’m talking about is in choosing a higher deductible.  Everyone needs to look seriously at moving their deductible to a minimum $1,000 per claim. It sounds like a lot, but so are the savings.  Often they’re substantial enough that in as little as 2 years the savings can offset the higher deductible.  As well, you need to remember that insurance isn’t a maintenance contract.  Don’t put in small claims as they’ll only end up costing you more in the end.  The fact is, many of you probably will never even have an insurance claim so imagine savings of 10 or 15% each year and how much this will add up to over a lifetime.  Insurance is there to pay large catastrophe type losses and when those happen, trust me $1,000 won’t seem like such a big deal.  So call us to increase your deductible and start saving today.