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Strata Shield

For Property Managers and Unit Owners

The Smarter Approach to Strata Insurance

Since every strata is unique, there is a lot to consider when purchasing strata insurance and many different packages are available.

At Schill Insurance, our Strata Advisors take the time to understand your build and the risks. By reaching out to our vast network of insurers, we can make sure that your clients always get the very best tailored insurance solution for the specific type of Strata protection they require.

Leveraging 50 years of experience, we know the insurance market inside out, and we are extremely familiar with the insurers dedicated to meeting the needs of the Strata community. We offer a comprehensive policy that will satisfy the requirements of the Strata Act and ensure the building is properly covered in the event of a loss.


The Strata Shield Guarantee

*  Every Property Manager/Strata Council Member receives the highest quality service.
*  Updates throughout the quoting process and quick turnaround for quotes.
*  Various options on deductibles for water losses.
*  Claims guidance and counselling.
*  A Strata Advisor will attend your AGM/meetings pertaining to the Insurance policy.


To learn more about our Schill Strata Shield Insurance, contact us at 604-585-4445 / or simply complete our Strata Application Form.

Our Policy Includes

Replacement cost on the building

Water losses including sewer-backup and flood

Earthquake coverage and deductible buy down

Liability coverage for the premises

Directors and Officers liability coverage

Equipment Breakdown coverage

Crime coverage

Legal expense and exterior glass coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does strata insurance cover?

Strata insurance is complicated by the fact that there are two parties involved: the strata corporation and the unit owners. That said, it’s important to note the fundamental difference between the strata building policy (also known as the master strata policy) and the unit owner’s policy. - See below

What is a strata corporation policy?

This type of policy covers strata corporations and is designed to insure the collective interests of shareholders and the strata corporation itself. Typically, strata insurance is available for commercial, residential, and mixed-use buildings.

What is a unit owner policy?

These policies cover the personal interests of the unit owners, such as personal property, any improvements and betterments done tothe unit, and personal liability. In addition, these policies are designed to compliment the strata corporation's policy.

What does a strata corporation's policy cover?

The buildings shown on the strata plan / Common property such as hallways, stairs, roofs, pools, garages and driveways / Fixtures built or installed as part of the original construction, including things like floor and wall coverings or electrical and plumbing fixtures / Strata assets like furniture and equipment / Liability of the strata corporation for property damage and bodily injury claims

What does a unit owner's policy cover?

Personal property such as clothing, household items, furniture and items stored in lockers / Unit upgrades (betterments or improvements)—such as custom hardwood flooring—made by current and previous unit owners / Expenses over and above the normal cost of living in the event that the owner is unable to live in their home following an insured loss / Unit owner’s personal liability for any bodily injury or property damage unintentionally caused to others.

What is the most common strata insurance claim?

Water damage is the number one reason stratas in BC make an insurance claim. A burst pipe, overflowing bathtub, leaky washing machine or clogged drain— whatever the cause, the leak can quickly escalate into a serious problem for both residents and strata council members.

If I rent out my unit, do I still need Unit Owners Insurance?

Yes, you will still need a separate insurance policy providing coverage for any improvements and betterments, deductible assessment, liability, and loss of income coverage.

What is a deductible?

A specified amount of money the insured must pay in the event of a claim before the insurance company will pay for a claim covered by the strata’s policy.

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