Summer Camping Checklist

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Ultimate Camping Checklist

For the love of summer and all that’s green, nothing is worse than packing up your family and gear for an epic weekend of camping – only to realize you forgot something once you’ve arrived. Ugh! Well fear not. With this handy little summer camping checklist you can rest assured it is all under control.

4 Camping Safety Tips

As the weather warms up, more Canadians will be going camping this summer. And, while camping is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family, there are a variety of safety precautions you should follow:

Pack smart. When packing, you want to bring the essentials without overloading. Experts recommend packing a pocket knife, first-aid kit, extra clothing, a water bottle, a flashlight, extra food, matches and fire starters.

Stay hydrated. Heat exhaustion can be deadly. Protect yourself by drinking plenty of water, especially if you begin to feel dizzy, weak or nauseous. Rest in the shade whenever possible to stay cool.

Practise fire safety. Most campgrounds will detail fire regulations and precautions on their websites. For added safety, only build fires in fire pits, and make sure they are away from tents, trees and other flammable objects.

Get your bearings. Always tell people where you’ll be if you’re planning on heading out alone. Pack a compass or GPS and carry a cellphone with you at all times.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your next camping trip will be a safe one.

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