The Balancing Act: Work vs Life

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According to recent studies, nearly 66% of Canadians put in 45 hours of work each week—50% more people than 20 years ago.

Not only are many people putting in more hours – over 1/2 of the 25,000 Canadians who responded in the Balancing Work and Caregiving in Canada survey said they take their work home with them. Many attribute this to employer expectations and workplace culture.

The sad truth is that these long hours do not always translate into greater productivity.

Working those extra hours can leave both your mind and body vulnerable to the deteriorating effects of stress—and as we all know – stress is bad… very, very bad.Sometimes working late is an unavoidable reality—but not always. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself: Do I have a healthy work-life balance? Even if you believe that you have a healthy balance, there is always room for improvement.Follow these five tips to further balance out your home and work lives: