The Sound of Spring: Vrooooommmm

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I took a wee road trip this past weekend and noticed several motorhomes, motorcycles and even boats on trailers out and about… it looks as though spring is in full effect. Personally, it’s still a touch chilly for this princess to be slumbering in the wild (even in an RV) – however, for all you brave souls itching to get out there, I’ve mustered up a couple resources for your RV, boat and motorcycle. Happy trails!


Check out this complete guide written by ICBC with everything you need to know about RV’ing.

Did you know:

“It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate driver’s licence and driving skills for the trailer you’re towing. If you don’t have the proper licence, you may be in breach of your insurance policy in the event of a crash. Your insurance claim may be denied, including claims for your own injuries, or damage that you might cause to your vehicle, or to other people or property. You may then be responsible for paying these costs.”

Towing a Trailer?


If you like to get an early start in the season, and hit the lake as soon as the ice melts, these tips are for you. In early Spring Fishing, make sure both you and your boat are prepared.

Spring Fishing?


The Canadian Safety Council has put together 8 great tips to arrive at your destination early. They’ve also thrown in a few tips for when you’re not riding solo.

Taking out the hog?