Where there’s smoke…

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With Lover’s Day just around the corner, I’m reminded on cozying up by the fire, enjoying a delicious glass of wine, perhaps nibbling on chocolate from a heart shaped box.  However, seeing as I work in the insurance industry, these lovely thoughts are interrupted by more serious thoughts on the household risks that accompany a chimney. Ba hambug I know, but my heart is in the right place.


Did You Know?

In spite of the ambiance and relaxation that a fireplace provides, there are also inherent fire dangers. To combat the risk of fire or inhalation of dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas, it is important for you to make chimney maintenance part of your home loss prevention plan.

Both metal and masonry chimneys require maintenance so that smoke and flue gases are ventilated properly. At the very least, you should have your chimney inspected annually before each heating season. In addition:


There are two types of chimneys that require specific maintenance to minimize the dangers in your home.


Safety First

Do not vent more than one heater or appliance into a single flue, as major complications can arise. If one fuel-burning appliance is connected to a flue and then you attach another appliance, such as a water heater, you are running the risk of the following serious problems:

Many people are unaware of the basic maintenance required in maintaining a home so don’t fret if you didn’t know. Peace of mind is a simple phone call to a specialist away.