Winter-Ready Tread? Check It With the Dime Test

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Don’t let a set of worn tires endanger your family. Check tread depth and look for other abnormalities or wear and tear so you can replace your tires before they become a problem in the cold months ahead.

A simple way to check safe tread depth is to use a dime. Turn it so the Queen is upside-down, then insert the dime between treads. If you can still see the top of the Queens’s head, your tires do not have enough tread left and could pose a safety hazard. Conduct this test in multiple spots on all of your tires.

Besides tread depth, check for uneven wear, not only from one tire to another but on different areas of each individual tire. Look for “cupping,” a series of flat spots near the edges of the tire, along with any other abnormalities, such as bulges, that may indicate a problem with the tire’s structure.