World’s Best Guide to Earthquake Prep

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Are You Prepared?

Egad! The recent windstorm we had really shook us up (no pun intended).

As restaurants and grocery stores ran out of food and people fared without power for days, there seemed to be a rush of insanity throughout many areas of the greater Vancouver area. This recent series of unfortunate events got me thinking… while watching a crane lift a large tree off a house in my neighbourhood, I pondered how ill-prepared I was. And while I’m not proud of my carelessness and disregard for my own well-being, the whole ordeal has provided me with a nice refresher on emergency preparation.

There is a lot of speculation that it’s only a matter of time until a large earthquake hits Vancouver 🙁 Maybe, maybe not – however, even another storm like this past one is enough to get my butt in motion. So, I put together the World’s Best Essential Guide to Earthquake Prep for those of you, who like myself, could use a little refresher/motivation.