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Safety Policies

Creating policy isn’t easy, not to mention time consuming. The good news is we can do the legwork for you. Ask us how our tools and templates can help get you started.

Safety Manuals

We help develop custom manuals for your business; everything from a restaurant to a construction site. We can also supply materials to support the creation of a safety culture, such as posters, newsletters and flyers.

Toolbox Talks

We provide managers and supervisors with a series of lectures/talks on everything from basic first aid to site safety and winter driving tips for truckers.


Social Media

Your reputation is everything. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools continue to redefine how employees and businesses relate to each other. Make sure your employees use social media in a way that doesn’t expose them to unnecessary liability.

Customized Continuity

Most companies don’t plan for an interruption to their business… that is why most never re-open after a loss. Our series of bite-sized steps will help you prepare for that day and keep you up and running.

Workplace Wellness

The best companies have fewer sick days, less injuries and a healthier workforce. Our action plans and wellness advice help raise morale, reduce absenteeism and minimize turnover. Ask us how we can help you.


Monthly Newsletters

Keep your leaders, managers and employees up-to-date on general risk issues as well as specific profiles on industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, Transporation and Agriculture.

Regular Updates on:

  • Risk Insights including topics like preventing employee theft, social network security for staff

  • Newsworthy Topics like Minimum Wage changes

  • Legislative Compliance on topics like:

    • Employment Law to Motor Carrier Safety Code

    • Return to Work legislation and policies

Operational Tools

Change Management

Implementing changes has never been so easy. Identify areas of operational improvement with the use of our worksheets, surveys and plans.

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