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Private Client Insurance

Protect your luxury home with Schill's Signature Insurance

The SIGNATURE Difference

Crafted with precision for individuals with substantial assets and luxurious homes, our SIGNATURE home insurance provides comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the limitations of standard policies. We understand the unique needs of affluent homeowners and offer customized solutions to safeguard your assets and lifestyle.


    Comprehensive Tailored Coverage
    Higher Coverage Limits
    Specialized Valuation Methods
    Priority Service
    Personal Service Team
    Increased Liability Protection
    Additional Living Expenses

Protecting High-Value Homes and Assets

    High-Value Home Insurance
    Luxury Car Insurance
    Marine & Boat Insurance
    Fine Art Insurance
    Secondary Home Insurance
    Aviation Insurance

The Signature Service

At Schill Insurance, we understand when you have a portfolio with higher value, there can be more risk involved. That's why our team of dedicated advisors is here to help! Take the first step towards unparalleled protection and ensure that your high-value home and assets receive the attention and coverage they deserve.

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