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Emergency Preparedness Week: Essential Tips to Keep Your Family Safe


It's Emergency Preparedness Week, and if you're anything like me, sometimes a little refresher is in order. The theme: be prepared, know your risks. In the face of unexpected emergencies, being prepared can make all the difference. Join [...]

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Rejected B.C. License Plates


Source: Not that you were asking... but it's funny to see what some people requested for personal B.C. license plates last year. You won't see BLU BYU, SHIRAZ, and HELL NO on a licence plate in B.C., as [...]

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Spring Cleaning Checklist


It's Spring cleaning time! Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Here are some tips to help make your spring cleaning a breeze. Make a plan  Before you start cleaning, make a plan of [...]

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Spring Cleaning: HVAC Filters


In the spirit of spring cleaning? When was the last time you replaced your HVAC filters? Often overlooked, your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system should be a priority. Your HVAC system keeps the air [...]

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A Lean Clean Speed Machine – Car Cleaning Maintenace


I must start with a tiny disclaimer: I never clean my car. There’s just something that goes against the very core of my nature when it comes to keeping my car clean. I border on compulsive when it comes to [...]

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Easy Green Living Tips for Your Home


It turns out, it’s actually pretty easy being green… not only can being green help you save money, but adopting eco-friendly practices can help you positively contribute to the natural world by reducing waste, conserving energy and lowering [...]

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Valentine’s Day and Insurance = love and happiness


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend - but my insurance broker comes in a close second ;-) I feel as though this may need a little clarification. Many moons ago, prior to having any knowledge of [...]

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Reviewing Your Term Life Insurance Could Save you Money


What is Term Life Insurance? Term life insurance provides life insurance protection for a pre-determined length of time. The most common term lengths are ten years, twenty years, or until age sixty-five. During the term, rates and coverage are [...]

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Chilling Your Winter Utility Bills


Baby, it's cold outside. On the plus side - great weather for cuddling on the couch... on the other hand, colder weather often brings higher energy bills for homeowners. With colder, darker days and more time spent inside [...]

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Don’t Rain On My Parade


I’m not overly superstitious, nor do I label myself a gambling gal, but I am fearful of using the “R” word. You know, rain. I have this odd feeling that if I say it out loud, I will [...]

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