Dealing with one broker

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Today I want to stress the importance of having all your insurance in one place, with one broker.  It’s not just because we want you to do all your business with us – we do!  But giving your broker the opportunity to protect all your risks is in your best interest and ours.

Start by getting to know your broker and make sure they understand all you have going on.  Brokers are at their best when they know everything about you.  You may have a home which happens to have a suite in it and a pool in the backyard.  Maybe a rental property or a seasonal cottage at the lake that you visit only handful of times a year and a nice boat to go along with it which you use for waterskiing and oh ya, you travel outside the province a lot.  Sometimes for a day shopping and other times on longer trips to see family or get somewhere warm.

All of these concerns come with their own set of worries and strategies for dealing with them.  Many times they overlap each other and often aren’t properly protected unless the left hand knows what the right is doing.  So please, get all of your insurance in one place.  Involve your broker so he or she can be most effective, because doing so will help make sure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises and will likely save you few dollars as well.