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Don’t Rain On My Parade

I’m not overly superstitious, nor do I label myself a gambling gal, but I am fearful of using the “R” word. You know, rain. I have this odd feeling that if I say it out loud, I will [...]

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Renting a Vehicle for Business Use?

If your business travel includes renting a vehicle, safety is a necessary consideration. The following provides information about renting a vehicle, safely operating a rental vehicle and what to do in the event of an accident. Basic Rental Procedures [...]

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Fighting Fatigue. No Yawning!

I had a professor in university that took offence if a student yawned in his class and would call him or her out with an, “AM I BORING YOU?” yell. I always thought him a bit much – [...]

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Turning off Snapchat “Snap Map”

Did You Know? Snapchat is one of the top five social media platforms among young people, with approximately 150 million daily active users. While Snapchat is designed to be a fun photo, video and text messaging app, a number [...]

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Bug off: Knowing your bug bites and stings

Bug season is back baby! Do you know the difference between the most common bug bites and what to do if you get one? I was once bit by a tick. True story. I pulled the ugly thing out [...]

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Good to Know: HVAC Filter Upkeep

If you’re anything like me, little household chores may slip your mind. No. Judgement. Here. Your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system maintains the air quality of your home. However, your HVAC system will only work [...]

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Where there’s smoke…

With Lover’s Day just around the corner, I’m reminded on cozying up by the fire, enjoying a delicious glass of wine, perhaps nibbling on chocolate from a heart shaped box.  However, seeing as I work in the insurance [...]

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Why I show love to my Broker on Valentine’s Day

They say the most valuable lessons are learnt the hard way; which, in my opinion, stinks.  So, I’d like to share a brief story with you in hopes it helps someone the pain of learning the “hard way”. Several years [...]

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Jump-Start Your Car in 7 Easy Steps

Although cars are more likely to stall in the cold, your battery can die at any time. Here’s how to jump-start your car in the event of a dead battery.  Before you start, take a moment to read [...]

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School Bus Safety

Oh mylanta – where did our summer go? It’s back-to-school time and that, my friends, means it’s time to talk to your kids about riding the bus safely. Perhaps not the most exciting or desired, but still important. The [...]

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