Drive Safe on Wet Roads

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Compared to last year’s summer we’ve had a lot more rain. The increased rain is great for the environment but not so much those of us on the road. During rainstorms, low visibility and slick roads can create hazardous driving conditions. If unprepared for rainy weather, drivers could be putting themselves and others on the road in danger of injury or death following a crash.

To protect yourself, it’s important to first be prepared for a rainy forecast. You’ll want to make sure you have strong windshield wipers that are in working order. In addition, ensure that your headlights, taillights and brake lights are operating properly.

It’s also important that, when it does rain, you drive slowly, as hydroplaning is more likely to occur at speeds over 55 kph. Hydroplaning is when a car skids over a wet surface because the tires are faced with more water than it can scatter. This increases the potential for accidents, as drivers often lose control of the steering wheel and brakes.

In the event of a skid, it’s critical that you remain calm. Remove your foot from the accelerator and continue to hold the steering wheel straight for a front-wheel skid. In a rear- or all-wheel skid, steer with the skid to avoid flipping the vehicle.