Data Backup and Recovery

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We see it all the time where a client has a fire, water damage, theft or any other conceivable loss that might occur.  The initial thought process of making the claim starts with comfort because the equipment is covered and will all be replaced right?  Yes.  Whew!

And then it starts to come together…  What about all the stuff I had in there?  Years of client files, contact information, e-mail correspondence, accounts receivables, tax information, all of it.  Gone.

While many are now using an external backup, the majority use a flash drive, external hard drive or other simple form of backup which may be fine for less important data.  But, when we look at the nature of those options we realize quickly that it is not a backup, merely duplication.

Unless you store your duplicates in your bank’s security deposit box or other vault, it is still exposed to fire, theft, hardware failure, viruses and human error.  How many times do you realize it’s been days, weeks or even months since you’ve run a backup which again, is still really just duplication.  What’s worse, for many businesses the person in charge of running the backup is an outside IT person, secretary or other person which may not fully understand that a potential failure or loss of data could cost your organization potentially weeks of work depending on the severity.

Proper data backup is an integral part of any proper business continuity or disaster recovery plan.  If you have any concerns about your current data backup process give us a call or send us an email and let us show you how we can help.